by Anonymous on Recalling Driftwood
Recalling Driftwood

This is a wonderful story. It surprises you, and makes you feel like you have walked with him along this journey. An adult story that offers reflection and entertainment. I was so excited about this that I got myself a signed copy from the author. The book is a glossy paperback, light weight and fits on most shelves. A good read. Thank you for sharing this story!

 by A Fan on Recalling Driftwood
Recalling Driftwood

A page turning adventure when just when you think you know what the main character Macy is all about, your taken for an emotional and eye opening journey.

 by Jennifer M on Recalling Driftwood
Recalling Driftwood

If ever there was an unreliable narrator … !! I just adore stories that, as I reach the last page, make me flip back to the beginning because I’m questioning everything I read. I’m at a loss at what to say and how to describe it without disclosing spoilers and giving away plot points. Like Twilight Zone? Hitchcock? Then race to grab a copy of this and settle in for a twisty ride.
I should disclose that the author is a dear friend and I read an early draft of this story. Neither of these facts affect my opinion. This is one hell of a read – just make sure you leave enough time to page back through the book. Because that twist is a doozy!

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Recalling Driftwood
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