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By Christopher M Bee

A Thrilling Romance Novel Unlike Anything You’ve Read Before!

Drunk, drifter and loner, Franklin “Macy” Adams awakes on a beach adjacent to a small resort. Hungover, he decides to break into one of the cottages at the resort in search of more booze. Once he’s inside, the surroundings jar his memories and he feels a sense of Déjà vu, as he recalls being at the resort before. His memories link to a prime recollection in his past that he had long since repressed: his high school English teacher.

Now, his thoughts on his first and only love affair forces “Macy” to confront what went wrong with the taboo relationship. Exposed to a renewed sense of love, commitment and sacrifice, can “Macy” change to rectify the past that haunts him and help bring closure to everyone involved?

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Recalling Driftwood
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 3 reviews
 by Anonymous
Recalling Driftwood

This is a wonderful story. It surprises you, and makes you feel like you have walked with him along this journey. An adult story that offers reflection and entertainment. I was so excited about this that I got myself a signed copy from the author. The book is a glossy paperback, light weight and fits on most shelves. A good read. Thank you for sharing this story!

 by A Fan
Recalling Driftwood

A page turning adventure when just when you think you know what the main character Macy is all about, your taken for an emotional and eye opening journey.

 by Jennifer M
Recalling Driftwood

If ever there was an unreliable narrator … !! I just adore stories that, as I reach the last page, make me flip back to the beginning because I’m questioning everything I read. I’m at a loss at what to say and how to describe it without disclosing spoilers and giving away plot points. Like Twilight Zone? Hitchcock? Then race to grab a copy of this and settle in for a twisty ride.
I should disclose that the author is a dear friend and I read an early draft of this story. Neither of these facts affect my opinion. This is one hell of a read – just make sure you leave enough time to page back through the book. Because that twist is a doozy!